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Nightlife is the collective term for any entertainment that is available and more popular from the late evening into the early hours of the morning. It includes the public houses, nightclubs, discotheque. There is nothing interesting on a Rwanda tour like enjoying a night in Kigali city in the very place where your trip starts. Kigali city is an exciting world to explore from the Business centre, clubs, bars, cinemas sited just in the heart of the city. Nightlife in Kigali is great around the business center and one can enjoy a wide range of nightclubs, cafes, cinemas and bars that keep the city burning up the entire night. To get the real beauty of the city embarks on the Kigali city tour during both day and night and experience the unbelievable of Rwanda holidays. Get a chance to meet up with young and rich Rwanda locals, experts and business associates during your stay as you chill around with drinks and eats which are the order of the day. You can run out of choice due to variety on display but still your favorite can never be missed. The dance floor are organized and equipped with mirrors and weekends are always fun because many show up in celebration of ending the hectic week. The music played is a mix of all cultures including African, western pop and in most cases the songs played can’t leave one seated however reserved you are. Don’t miss the chance to take your Rwanda holiday on to new heights of action, drama and fun all within the span of a few hours in the wonderful sleepy city of Kigali.

Being in a new place and environment, many travelers like to start nights with delicious and favorite meals out with cool drinks in places that have positive reputation. In Rwanda still tourists do same and some fancy spending a few hours in a nice place with friends as they knock off a few drinks. However, those who love dancing ,clubbing also start the night by chilling in calm places but later head out for more exciting night clubs and bars. Apart from Kigali city tours, the capital has a lot to offer in terms of good food and fun atmosphere for the day, evenings and nightlife. It’s good to chill and relax in the home of unique cultures, creative professionals and many recreational grounds. Check out Heavens Restaurant & boutique hotel one of Kigali’s most appealing place for tourists and expats. Quality food and wide selection of cocktail in quiet ambience can occupy your stay in the city any time of day for through the week. The right timing for this hotel is during lunch and diner hours between 12pm-10.30 pm on week days but Sundays and Saturdays they open quiet early and also close early. There promotions make you double your fun by paying for one drink and get the other for free. Wines here are of class and surely of great taste. Also other restaurants like Khana Khazana, Brachetto, Meze Fresh, Africa Bite, Zafran, caiman among others are worth checking out.

Another bar and restaurant places in Kigali include KGL fast food a close place to get fastfood in Kigali especially in the afternoon and evenings for burgers, Sundowner a restaurant and bar with everything one can ever ask for, one love club, Papyrus close to Sundowner one of the most popular nightlife busiest spot in the city. Its opening hours stretch into early morning and serve everyone who spends a night in their premise. For an evening meal and jazzy music, try City Beach another fantastic Kigali restaurant known for hosting live jazz bands every weekend and end of month. However if jazz isn’t on other live music are ever in place to keep you entertained and also keep the trend of the restaurant.

It’s one of the best places to visit or chill from for everyone who love cool music nad relaxing environment. If you’re looking for more than an evening of eating, drinking and socializing, K-Club is a home to fancy people and responsible young and old a place worth spending some good time while in Kigali. Dressing nice here is a hobby that whoever comes around looks just great. Historically Kigali is Rwanda’s business hub and holds the most Unique Rwanda treasures, hotels, hospitals, schools, Airport etc.

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